Our Vision

To be a unique network of IT solutions and creative developers that provide smart ideas, innovative concept designs using smart technologies and sustainable solutions.

To achieve a better impact of environmental solutions for the government and private sector in the global market.

Our Mission

Work as a team in trustable digital basis to connect a curated list of projects with curated list of potential investors to build a goodness ecosystem align on the Sheikh Zayed vision, 2071 vision and global international visions to improve the UAE’s sustainable development and build the best global network of solution providers with suitable social impact for the environmental heritage and protection.

Our target

Built a Global Ministry of Legacies.

In one unique platform integrate people to communities, communities to societies and so on… Our plan is to connect people legacies with government needs and companies solutions.

Our work starts in UAE, bringing creative and innovative unusual solutions to help implement and establish the sustainable projects that will remain as legacies and solid foundations, which will allow the continuous development of the cities and countries as a reference for these matters.

What inspire us and how we started?

Maria Luiza Knoblauch (CEO Torus Legacy)

The Torus Legacy concept was born inside the dream of the Brazilian artist Mariak.

She was seeking to find a way to live the love and impact others and herself into manifesting creative experiences. People with a legacy mindset achieve the flow of a goodness ecosystem in this life. This dream started to become a reality with Maria`s first connections…

Where we are now?

Muhammad Najad ( CEO Yenfor Ventures and Torus Legacy partner )

This dream got bigger and found a place to grow in UAE market at the company Torus Legacy Holding / IT Development & Consultancy for Sustainable Future Ecosystems.

Our focus is in the human beings that want to build a better world now with environmental solutions for education, green building and smart technology.

Our goal is to be a part of  the UAE development with a high quality global social impact.

In 2019 we did a partnership with Yenfor Ventures (India) and open the Torus India.. The goal of this patnership was to joint Mr. Muhammad Najad (India) and Maria Luiza Knoblauch (Brazil) mindsets to built a unique sinergy between the rational / trade business with the emotional / colaborative network platform in a global one stop solution provider.

We are here to build a Ministry of Legacy’s connecting the government, society and companies that want to make real legacies happen to support the human beings evolution and planet protection..

Where we want to go?

We are striving to find the keys for the people’s happiness to create the Legacy’s together. We gain the inspiration and share it all along in our work.

“When you make things happen with happiness inside you and you invest in human beings that have legacy and love stories- you bring the energy of goodness into a magic flow, that makes dreams come true. I live my dreams because I choose to make them happen in real life. The Torus Legacy exists because you exist. We are connected with infinite Multiverses.” Maria Luiza Knoblauch

We born in 2018, The Year of Zayed

To mark 100 years since the birth of the UAE country’s Founding Father, 2018 had been declared the “Year of Zayed” by the President, Sheikh Khalifa. Also in this year of 2018, UAE launch the area 2071, to be a physical manifestation of the 2071 vision with the sole purpose of creating positive global impact.

Based on this, we start our work flux being part of this amazing initiative contributing with all our efforts and connections to bring the Torus Legacy APP to live.

2018, the year where the past and future create the present of living NOW the exponential growth aligned to a local and global vision.

Let’s create what we want to live now and in the same time built a legacy for our future generation, based on a vision of one strong human that change forever the history of a new nation and the vision of 2 others strong humans “sons of this new nation” that want built now and celebrate in the year of 2071 the prosperity of the centennial of UAE.

How we can start to work together?

Torus Legacy have a Spinoff program to built Quantum Investment Fund and a worldwide Ministry of Legacy`s, together in cooperation with the Torus Legacy`s AI Tree and R&D AI Forest in UAE as a starting point and anyone who want to improve the growth of ideas like Sheikh Zayed legacy, and global visions.

We need to start from somewhere, and we feel that UAE is the best place for that.

Our  Smart Tree’s and APP with artificial intelligence connects society using people Legacies with the government and companies achievements.

Let’s make it happen now!