The Torus Legacy Holding vision and concept was born inside the dream of the Brazilian artist Mariak (Maria Luiza Knoblauch – CEO and Founder Torus Legacy Holding and the first Vision Coach in the world)

She was seeking to find a way to live the love and impact others and herself into manifesting creative experiences. People with a legacy mindset achieve the flow of a goodness ecosystem in this life. This dream started to become a reality with Maria`s first connections… Since 2021, after 20 years of continuous personal R&D, septennium vison consultancy and dreams realizations she start to travel around the world to find “dream makers like her” to go global with Torus Legacy Holding. She search in this world good people that also are “dream makers”, entrepreneurs, investors and so on. They are building together with the same vision, common projects until the year of 2071.