Our Vision

To be the best vision consultancy & holding company integrated with the best network of IT solutions providers and creative developers that can bring to reality smart ideas & visionary concept designs using smart technologies and sustainable solutions.

To achieve a better impact on environmental solutions for the government and private sector in the global market.

Our Mission

Work as a team in trustable digital basis to connect a curated list of projects with curated list of potential investors to build a goodness ecosystem align to global visions that improve the world and communities with sustainable development and build the best global network of solution providers with real positive social impact for the environmental heritage and protection.

Our Target

Built a Digital Global Ministry of Legacies and Peace  integrate in an APP that empower people to realize dreams and good solutions to the world.

In one unique platform integrate people to communities, communities to societies and so on… Our plan is to connect people legacies with government needs and companies solutions.

We bring creative and innovative unusual solutions to help implement and establish the sustainable projects that will remain as legacies and solid peacefull foundations, which will allow the continuous development of the cities and countries as a reference for these matters.

Our Moonshot Program

Mooshot and Spinoff programs

  • The first model of a Compact Peacefully R&D and Legacy City in the world called Torus Pangea City.
  • Quantum Investment program to empower the actions of the Global Ministry of  Legacies and Peace.
  • R&D AI Forest Heritage, with the Torus Legacy AI Tree inside to promote and improve the growth of good ideas with global visions implementations. The Smart Tree’s and Torus Legacy APP with artificial intelligence connects the society using people Legacies with the government needs and companies solutions.
  • Worldwide descriptive solution for air frete cargo and passengers that will fly with good transmedia storytelling around the world impacting directly de healthy food and beverage industry.

Let’s make it happen now!

What inspire us and how we started?


The Torus Legacy vision concept was born inside the dream of the Brazilian artist Mariak (Maria Luiza Knoblauch – CEO and Founder Torus Legacy)

She was seeking to find a way to live the love and impact others and herself into manifesting creative experiences. People with a legacy mindset achieve the flow of a goodness ecosystem in this life. This dream started to become a reality with Maria`s first connections… After 20 years of continuous personal R&D, vison consultancy and dreams realizations she start to travel around the world to find “dream maker like her” to go global with Torus Legacy with all this worldwide good people that also are “dream makers”, entrepreneurs, investors and so on around the world.

MARIA LUIZA KNOBLAUCH is a vision  consultant and concept designer graduated in Fine Arts from the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation, and with intense immersive experiences with Indigenous in the Amazon, innovation centers such as Spinoff NASA, urban underprivileged communities, institutes of people with physical or intellectual disabilities and others with governmental, semi-governmental agencies and private sector. She has been a visual artist since 1990, smart designer, fractal and future-sustainable ecosystem concepts including interior, exterior, landscape design, cities, innovative government structures, special applications and projects, data art designer, businesswoman, general manager at Seven Mesh Trading, founder of the Non Profit Organization Usina da Forma and Head of Innovation, R&D, International relations of the Commercial Chamber Of The State Of Sao Paulo including other business and projects. Always works with companies and people who are involved in sustainability, education, art, smart technology science, innovation, social impact, R&D, futurism, technology, artwork, brainstorm and creativity projects. 

Where we are now? How to join?

This dream got bigger and found a worldwide HUB country to grow (United Arab Emirates) with the company Torus Legacy Holding / IT Development & Consultancy for Sustainable Future Ecosystems Concept Design. We keep growing and establish cooperation agreements KSA, Brazil, Armenia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, China, USA and Socotra Archipelago – World Heritage Site.

Our focus is in the human beings that want to build a better world now with environmental solutions for education, wellness, green building and smart technology.

Our goal is to be a part of  the worldwide good social impact cooperating with high quality developments and projects. 

We are here to build a Ministry of Legacy’s and Peace connecting the government, society and companies that want to make real legacies happen to support the human beings peaceful evolution and planet protection…