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Torus Legacy holding is an Emirati company committed to pioneering innovative solutions for responsible ecosystems. With our strong collaborative
partnerships with governments, corporates and private family offices, we aim to reinvest our businesses profits to empower the communities we serve, creating a holistic and sustainable impact on society. Our investments include healthcare, education, agriculture, infrastructure improvements and more. Our story inspires others to use the power of love and compassion in their own endeavors, creating a new era of responsible business practices and a sustainable world for all.
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  • Fast delivery same day

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Our flagship programme TGLH (Torus Gold Legacy For Humanity), a seven year gold project ecosystem on the 7 continents, in partnership with the “Worldwide Human- kind Family Offices Council” and “U|XPONENTIAL”. This programme will remain, beyond the year of 2071, with a vision to establish a highly sustainable and impactful end-to-end ecosystem, leveraging the gold industry as a catalyst.

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Torus Legacy Holding has established over the years a very strong network worldwide with trustable businessmen and politicians as well as Governments and NGO`s.

If you are looking for new business opportunitites or direct contact to any trustable commodities worldwide, fell free to send us your request and KYC.

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Invest with Torus Legacy in sustainable and innovative real estate projects which fosters your profits.


Sustainable and innovative development projects not only enhances urban infrastructure but also stimulates economic growth.


Elevate your lifestyle with our exceptional real estate construction company, where innovation meets craftsmanship to build the homes of your dreams.